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Tuesday, June 1, 12:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Film Noir Double Bill

12:45 PM

DEAD RINGER (1964): In this late era noir, Bette Davis stars as twins, the rich and mean Margaret and the other poor and put-upon spinster Edith meet after many years at the funeral of Margaret's husband Frank. Edith snaps when she discovers from Margaret why Frank dumped her and married Margaret instead. Edith shoots her sister, takes her place and tries to make "Edith's" death look like a suicide. Edith's boyfriend, police sergeant Jim Hobbson (Karl Malden) and Margaret's lover Tony (Peter Lawford) soon complicates things. Dir. Paul Henreid

2:45 PM

THE BAD SEED (1956): "What will you give me for a basket of kisses?" Based on the stage play adapted from the brilliant novel by William March, Army wife Christine (Nancy Kelly) suspects that her seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda (Patty McCormack) is a ruthless killer. Eileen Heckart shines in her Oscar nominated supporting role as the alcoholic mother of one of Rhoda's victims. This truly terrifying film will make you look twice at all cute little blonde girls. Kelly and McCormack as well as cinematographer Harold Rosson were nominated for Oscars as well as Heckart. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

Friday, June 4, 6:15 AM

THE VELVET TOUCH (1948): Prominent Broadway actress Valerie Stanton (Rosalind Russell) accidentally kills her producer and ex-lover (Leon Ames) during an argument. She manages to slip away from the crime scene but finds she can't run away from her conscience. Noir icon Sidney Greenstreet plays the detective investigating the case. Noir stalwart Claire Trevor plays Stanton's theatrical rival who's arrested for the crime. Dir. John Gage

Friday, June 4, 3:00 PM

NIGHT MUST FALL 1937): Young and charming Danny (Robert Montgomery) worms his way into elderly and wealthy Mrs. Bramson's (Dame May Whitty) household. Her sexually repressed niece (Rosalind Russell) suspects him of larceny and possibly a local murder while being strongly attracted to him. What's in that hatbox? Both Whitty and Montgomery were nominated for Oscars for their performances. Dir. Richard Thorpe

Saturday, June 5, 7:08 AM

THE FALCON STRIKES BACK (1943): Tom Lawrence aka "The Falcon" (Tom Conway) is framed for murder; he uncovers a war bond fraud plot while clearing his name. Edgar Kennedy shines as a suspicious puppeteer. The Falcon's put-upon Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Saturday, June 5, 5:28 AM

EXPERIMENT ALCATRAZ (1951): A doctor (John Howard) testing drugs on convicts gets mixed up in a murder investigation. Dir. Edward L. Cahn

Saturday, June 5, 9:00 AM

GUN CRAZY (1949): In this justly legendary noir, a gun obsessed reform school graduate (John Dall) meets the girl of his dreams, a circus sharpshooter (Peggy Cummins). They get married in a fever, but she gets fed up living without the finer things of life. The two go on a crime spree, but her blood lust had fatal consequences. Dir. Joseph H. Lewis


Saturday, June 5, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, June 6, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

POSSESSED (1947): In this excellent examination of obsession, Joan Crawford gives a terrific — and Oscar nominated —performance as a married woman whose passion for a former love (Van Heflin) drives her mad. Raymond Massey plays her compassionate husband. Dir. Curtis Bernhardt

Tuesday, June 8, 11:00 PM

PARTY GIRL (1958): Don't miss this great Nick Ray film, not available on DVD, a gritty bringing down the racket story featuring an interesting love story between a beautiful showgirl (Cyd Charisse) and a gangster's mouthpiece (Robert Taylor) set in Chicago during the mob infested nineteen twenties. See if you can see spot the scene Brian De Palma stole for The Untouchables. Dir. Nicholas Ray

Tuesday, June 8, 9:00 PM

EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE (1949): Wealthy and married Jessie Bourne (Barbara Stanwyck) finds herself attracted to ex-police officer turned author Mark Dwyer but wants to remain loyal to her husband (James Mason). Unfortunately, he's playing around with his ex-flame Isabel (Ava Gardner). Isabel tells Jessie that she has every attention of taking away her husband. Then Isabel winds up dead and Jessie falls under suspicion for the murder. Low rent noir goddess Beverly Michaels does a wonderful turn a trashy gun moll in a small but pivotal role. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

Thursday, June 10, 11:00 PM

THE HOODLUM PRIEST (1961): Father Rev. Charles Dismas Clark, S. J. (Don Murray) devotes his energies to helping at risk youth in St. Louis. His efforts to aid Billy Lee (Keir Dullea) in his struggle to straighten out his life fail with tragic results. An elegant and emotionally charged statement against the death penalty. Dir. Irvin Kershner

Saturday, June 12, 7:08 AM

THE FALCON IN DANGER (1943): The daughter of an industrialist appeals to "The Falcon" (Tom Conway) for help when her father is kidnapped. Dir. William Clemens


Saturday, June 12, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, June 13, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

WALK A CROOKED MILE (1946): When a security leak at an atomic energy plant threatens the safety of the free world, an FBI agent (Dennis O'Keefe) and a Scotland Yard inspector (Louis Hayward) track the spy ring to (where else?) Commie-infested San Francisco. Hint to the feds: Look for the big, shifty guy (Raymond Burr) with the Lenin look-alike goatee. This time capsule of escalating Cold War paranoia is rendered in the once voguish "semidocumentary" style, providing terrific glimpses of 1948 San Francisco. Dir. Gordon Douglas

Monday, June 14, 6:00 AM

THIS SIDE OF THE LAW (1950): An unscrupulous lawyer hires vagrant David Cummins (Kent Smith) to impersonate missing millionaire Malcolm Taylor. Things get complicated when David falls for Taylor's wife Evelyn (Viveca Lindfors) and seeks to protect her from the scheming of Taylor's sister-in-law and lover Nadine (Janis Paige). Dir. Richard Bare

Monday, June 14, 5:00 PM

SABOTEUR (1941): Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) goes on the run across the United States when he is wrongly accused of starting a fire that killed his best friend. He finds love along the way with a girl (Priscilla Lane) who's positive he's guilty. Can he clear himself and win her love? The film is full of quirky touches (my favorite an abductee is charged for a milkshake by her captors), unusual supporting characters (Norman Lloyd and Otto Kruger among others), and some outstanding set pieces, including the famous Statue of Liberty finale. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Monday, June 14, 10:30 PM

HE RAN ALL THE WAY (1951): John Garfield plays a desperate criminal on the run from a robbery that ended with a shooting. He takes refuge in the family apartment of a naïve young woman (Shelley Winters). She falls in love with him, complicating further a tense hostage situation. Dir. John Berry

Friday, June 18, 1:15 AM

STAKEOUT ON DOPE STREET (1958): Three teens (Yale Wexler, Morris Miller, Jonathon Haze) get into the drug business when they discover heroin in a stolen briefcase, things end badly. Dir. Irvin Kershner

Friday, June 18, 2:45 AM

EYES IN THE NIGHT (1942): Blind detective Duncan Maclain (Edward Arnold) gets mixed up with enemy agents and murder when he tries to help an old friend (Ann Harding) with a rebellious stepdaughter, Donna Reed. Dir. Fred Zinnemann

Saturday, June 19, 7:09 AM

THE FALCON AND THE CO-EDS (1944): Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) aka "The Falcon" investigates the murder of a professor at the Blue Cliff Seminary for Girls. Look for Dorothy Malone as one of the co-eds. Dir. William Clemens


Saturday, June 19, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, June 20, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE BLUE GARDENIA (1953): Based on a story by Vera Caspary, author of Laura, a telephone operator (Anne Baxter) believes that she has killed a creepy pick-up (Raymond Burr) in self-defense but can't remember the details of the encounter. She is suitable terrified that the police will connect her to the crime. Her path soon crosses with that of an intrepid, and attractive) reporter (Richard Conte) determined to crack the case. Ann Sothern co-stars as her sympathetic roommate. Nat King Cole has a cameo as himself and who sings the movie's theme song. Dir. Fritz Lang

Monday, June 21, 8:30 AM

PURPLE NOON (1960): This lush adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's renowned crime novel The Talented Mr. Ripley stars a young and extremely handsome Alain Delon as the titular character. Dir. René Clément

Monday, June 21, 10:15 PM

KEY LARGO (1948): A returning veteran (Humphrey Bogart) tangles with a ruthless gangster (Edward G. Robinson) during a hurricane while falling for his dead war buddy's widow (Lauren Bacall). Claire Trevor steals the film with her Oscar winning performance as the gangster's alcoholic and emotionally abused girlfriend. Dir. John Huston

Wednesday, June 23, 12:45 AM

TENSION (1950): A cuckolded husband (Richard Basehart) plans the perfect murder in order to kill his wife's lover. Then he finds true love with an understanding neighbor (Cyd Charisse) and decides against implementing his plot. Unfortunately, he becomes the prime suspect when somebody else kills his previously intended victim. Audrey Totter shines as his devious mate. Dir. John Berry


Saturday, June 26, 9:15 PM &
Sunday, June 27, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943): A young girl (Teresa Wright) fears her favorite uncle may be a killer, Joseph Cotten in the best performance of his career. "Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?" Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Saturday, June 26, 3:00 AM –
Sunday, June 27, 1:30 AM

Hitchcock Marathon Day One

Here are the noirs...

3:00 AM

SABOTAGE (1936): This early Hitchcock thriller, based on Joseph Conrad's novel The Secret Agent, concerns an undercover detective pursuing a terrorist ring plotting to set off a bomb in London. His suspect's wife (Sylvia Sydney) realizes her husband is a terrorist confounding the matter further. When the detective's cover is blown, a pulse-pounding cat and mouse chase ensues. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

4:30 AM

THE 39 STEPS (1935): When a beautiful double agent he was trying to help gets killed, and he stands accused of the crime, vacationing Canadian Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) must go on the run across the U.K. both to save himself and to stop a spy ring trying to steal top-secret information. Along the way he handcuffs himself to lovely lass (Madeline Caroll) who thinks he's a bad'un. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

6:00 AM

THE WRONG MAN (1956): In this gritty documentary style noir, victims of a robbery misidentify a musician (Henry Fonda) for the culprit, destroying the lives of him and his wife (Vera Miles). This film was based on the true story of Manny Ballestro and used extensive locations shooting in New York City. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

8:00 AM

SABOTEUR (1941): Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) goes on the run across the United States when he is wrongly accused of starting a fire that killed his best friend. He finds love along the way with a girl (Priscilla Lane) who's positive he's guilty. Can he clear himself and win her love? The film is full of quirky touches (my favorite an abductee is charged for a milkshake by her captors), unusual supporting characters (Norman Lloyd and Otto Kruger among others), and some outstanding set pieces, including the famous Statue of Liberty finale. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

10:00 AM

TORN CURTAIN (1966): An American scientist (Paul Newman) pretends to defect to East Germany as part of a spy mission to obtain the formula of a secret miracle resin and escape back to the United States. He is accompanied by his fiancé (Julia Andrews) who is relived to find that he is a double agent. This film also contains one of the most touching scenes in a Hitchcock film and one of the grisliest murders. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

12:15 PM

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959): Foreign agents mistake suave and swinging advertising man Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) for a spy. He takes it on the lam and encounters a beautiful blonde (Eva Marie Saint) who may or may not be trusted. This film earned 3 Oscar nominations: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color; Best Writing, Story and Screenplay - Written Directly for the Screen; and Best Film Editing. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

2:45 PM

VERTIGO (1958): An old friend hires ex-cop Scotty (Jimmy Stewart) to follow his beautiful but emotionally disturbed wife (Kim Novak) through the gorgeously shot streets of San Francisco. Stewart gives an intensely dark performance as Scotty spirals further and further into romantic obsession. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

5:00 PM

THE BIRDS (1963): Beautiful heiress Melanie (Tippi Hedren) takes a sudden fancy to a handsome architect Mitch (Rod Taylor) who lives in a remote Californian costal village with his overly affectionate mother (Jessica Tandy) and little sister. Creepily Melanie follows him there and pretends to be an old friend of his ex-girlfriend (Suzanne Pleshette). Even more creepily, after her arrival, the village is besieged by flocks of killer birds. Look for noir toughie Charles McGraw in a supporting role. Legendary animator turned special effects expert Ub Iwerks won the Oscar for Best Effects, Special Visual Effects for his work on the film. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:15 PM

REAR WINDOW (1954): A wheelchair-bound photographer passes the time of his disability by spying on his neighbors. One day he witnesses a murder. Or does he? This iconic mystery was adapted from a story by Cornell Woolrich and earned a Best Writing, Screenplay Oscar nomination for screenwriter John Michael Hayes. The film earned three more Oscar nods for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Color and Best Sound, Recording. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock


SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) A young girl (Teresa Wright) fears her favorite uncle may be a killer, Joseph Cotten in the best performance of his career. "Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?" Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:30 PM

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951): Childlike but charming psychopath Bruno (Robert Walker) suggests that he and Guy (Farley Granger), a tennis player with political ambitions, crisscross murders. Unfortunately, Guy realizes too late that Bruno wasn't joking. Guy's unwanted wife shows up murdered and he has no alibi. Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Czenzi Ormonde, based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith. D.P. Robert Burks' outstanding work earned an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, Black-and-White. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Sunday, June 27, 1:30 AM –
Monday, June 28, 3:00 AM

Hitchcock Marathon Day Two

1:30 AM

FAMILY PLOT (1976): Lighthearted suspense film about a phony psychic/con artist (Barbara Harris) and her taxi driver/private investigator boyfriend (Bruce Dern) who encounter a pair of serial kidnappers (Karen Black and William Devane) while trailing a missing heir in California. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

3:30 AM

THE LADY VANISHES (1938): A young bride-to-be Iris (Margaret Lockwood), traveling across Europe by train, meets a charming spinster Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty), who then disappears into thin air. When no believes Miss Froy even existed outside Iris' imagination, including Dr. Hartz (Paul Lukas), a brain surgeon, she turns investigator and finds herself drawn into a complex web of mystery and high adventure. A young musicologist (Michael Redgrave) helps her with her quest. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

5:15 AM

SUSPICION (1941): A handsome gambler Johnny Aysgarth (Cary Grant) pursues the shy and wealthy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine). He courts and marries her. After the honeymoon she discovers unsettling things about his character. She becomes increasingly suspicious of him when Johnny's friend and business partner, Beaky (Nigel Bruce) dies mysteriously. Based on Anthony Berkeley Cox's novel After the Fact. Fontaine won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in the film. Composer Franz Waxman was nominated for Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic Picture. The film also earned a nomination for Best Picture. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock


SHADOW OF A DOUBT(1943) A young girl (Teresa Wright) fears her favorite uncle may be a killer, Joseph Cotten in the best performance of his career. "Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know, if you rip off the fronts of houses, you'd find swine? The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?" Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:15 AM

ROPE (1948): Two wealthy and louche pseudo-intellectuals (John Dahl and Farley Granger) murder a friend in a Nietzschean demonstration of will and folly. Then they throw a party inviting the victim's friends, family and their old schoolteacher (Jimmy Stewart) who begins to suspect something odd when the guest of honor doesn't arrive for his own party. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

10:45 AM

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1956): A family vacationing in Morocco accidentally stumble on to an assassination plot and the conspirators are determined to prevent them from interfering. Jay Livingston and Ray Evans garnered the Oscar for Best Music, Original Song for the film's song "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)". Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

1:00 PM

DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954): A man (Ray Milland) hires a friend to murder his wealthy wife (Grace Kelly). His plan goes awry when she stabs the would-be-murderer. Then he decides he can still get rid of her, by eroding her self-defense claim. Her ex-lover (Robert Cummings) tries to save her. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

3:00 PM

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955): This quirky black comedy reverses the whodunit genre as multiple residents of a Vermont hamlet (John Forsyth, Shirley MacLaine, Edmund Gwenn and Mildred Natwick) believe themselves responsible for the titular Harry's death and try to dispose of his body while misleading the local sheriff (Royal Dano). Jerry Matthers plays MacLaine's precocious son. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

5:00 PM

PSYCHO (1960): Miriam Crane (Janet Leigh) impulsively embezzles $10,000 dollars from her employer and takes it on the lam. She checks into the Bates Motel, meets the queer but attractive Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), takes a shower and makes cinematic history. A detective (Martin Balsam), Miriam's sister (Vera Miles) and her boyfriend (John Gavin) all arrive to look for the missing Miriam. Long time Hitchcock collaborator Bernard Herrmann created the rightfully legendary score. The immensely talented old time radio actress Virginia Gregg provides the voice of Norman's mother Norma Bates. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

7:00 PM

MARNIE (1964): A forceful millionaire (Sean Connery) blackmails a beautiful thief (Tippi Hedren), who attempted to rob him, into marrying him. He tries to unravel the mystery of her compulsion to steal. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:15 PM

THE LODGER (1926): The master of suspense himself considered this adaptation of Marie Belloc Lowndes novel "the first true Hitchcock picture". A serial killer known as "The Avenger" is on the loose in London, murdering blonde women. A mysterious man (Ivor Novello) takes a room where the daughter of the house is a blonde model. Her detective boyfriend, fueled by jealousy, begins to suspect the lodger is "The Avenger". Look for Hitchcock's first cameo. Remade in 1932 (again with Novello), in 1944 with Laird Cregar, and in 1954 with Jack Palance as the Man in the Attic. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:15 PM

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934): A British family gets mixed up with spies and an assassination plot while vacationing in Switzerland. Things escalate quickly when the daughter is kidnapped and the parents (Leslie Banks and Edna Best) must rely on themselves to save her. This tense thriller featured Peter Lorre's first performance in an English language film. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

12:45 AM

FRENZY (1972): In this utterly chilling and very violent a sociopathic killer nicknamed "The Necktie Murderer" (Barry Foster) preys on women in contemporary London and the husband of one of his victims (Jon Finch) finds himself unjustly under suspicion for her murder. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Monday, June 28, 7:45 AM

SIDE STREET (1950): A New York City mailman (Farley Granger) dreams of taking his wife (Cathy O'Donnell) to Europe. So, he steals a shipment of dirty money and soon finds himself pursued by both cops and crooks. Dir. Anthony Mann

Tuesday, June 29, 5:00 PM

A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951): This sublime adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy is noir to the core, despite the gloss and glamour Paramount ladled on to make it a huge hit. A blue-collar social climber (Montgomery Clift) falls for a gorgeous society debutante (Elizabeth Taylor, at the peak of her beauty), but his plain, prole, and pregnant girlfriend (Shelley Winters) stands in the way of his personal American Dream. It won Oscars for best costumes, score, editing, cinematography, screenplay, and direction, yet somehow lost best picture to An American in Paris. Dir. George Stevens

Bette Davis x 2 — Dead Ringer on June 1

Patty McCormack in The Bad Seed on June 1

Rosalind Russell in The Velvet Touch on June 4

Tom Conway stars in The Falcon Strikes Back on June 5

Edward L. Cahn's Experiment Alcatraz screens June 5

Peggy Cummins and John Dall in Gun Crazy on June 5

Eddie Muller presents Possessed starring Joan Crawford on NOIR ALLEY June 5 and 6

Cyd Charrise and Robert Taylor in Party Girl on June 8

Beverly Michaels with Van Heflin at the wheel in East Side, West Side on June 8

Keir Dullea and Don Murray on The Hoodlum Priest on June 10

Eddie Muller presents Walk a Crooked Mile on NOIR ALLEY on June 12 and 13

This Side of the Law starring Kent Smith and Janis Paige screens June 14

Robert Cummins and Norman Lloyd in Hitchcock's Saboteur on June 14 and 26

John Garfield and Shelley Winters in He Ran All the Way on June 14

Cult classic Stakeout on Dope Street on June 18

Edward Arnold in Eyes in the Night on June 19

Tom Conway stars in The Falcon and the Co-eds on June 19

Anne Baxter and Richard Conte in The Blue Gardenia on NOIR ALLEY presented by Eddie Muller on June 19 and 20

Alain Delon stars in René Clément Purple Noon on June 21

Audrey Totter stars in Tension on June 23

Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt screens on NOIR ALLEY, presented by Eddie Muller on June 26 and 27

Hitchcock's The 39 Steps plays on June 26

Vera Miles and Henry Fonda star in Hitchock's The Wrong Man on June 26

Paul Newman and Julie Andrews stars in Torn Curtain on June 26

Hitchock's North by Northwest screens June 26

Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor star in The Birds on June 26

Grace Kelly and James Stewart star in Rear Window on June 26

Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train screens June 26

Hitchock's final film - Family Plot on June 27

Margaret Lockwood stars in The Lady Vanishes on June 27

Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant in Suspicion on June 27

Farley Granger and John Dahl star in Rope on June 27

James Stewart and Doris Day in The Man Who Knew Too Much on June 27

Grace Kelley and Ray Milland star in Dial M for Murder on June 27

Janet Leigh and John Gavin in Psycho on June 27

Tippi Hedrin and Sean Connery in Marnie on June 27

Early Hitchcock - The Lodger screens on June 27

Jon Finch and Barry Foster in Frenzy on June 28

Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell in Side Street on June 28

Shelley Winters and Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun on June 29

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