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In Issue #31 of the quarterly NOIR CITY e-magazine, the FNF announces this year's Modern Noir Master, an award annually bestowed by the foundation upon a contemporary artist whose work has extended the traditions of classic film noir. This year writer-director Mike Hodges, who created such landmark neo-noirs as Get Carter (1971), Pulp (1972), and Croupier (1998), joins the ranks of previous recipients Stephen Frears, James Ellroy, and David Mamet. NOIR CITY's Ray Banks speaks at length with Hodges and their fascinating conversation is augmented by exclusive comments from two of our honoree's most renowned collaborators: Michael Caine and Clive Owen. Also highlighted in this issue: Imogen Sara Smith explores the contemporary noir of filmmaker Christian Petzold, Sean Axmaker profiles iconoclastic director André de Toth, Farran Smith Nehme details the life of stalwart supporting actress Virginia Grey, John Wranovics reveals the fascinating story of writer Art Cohn, and much, much more.

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NOIR CITY E-mag Excerpts


David Mamet


Eddie Muller presented multifaceted writer-director David Mamet with our Modern Noir Master award during this year's NOIR CITY Hollywood's presentation, An Evening with David Mamet. Here are highlights from their onstage conversation following a screening of House of Games. READ

Black Rain

Imogen Sara Smith explores film noirs in Postwar Japan including Akira Kurosawa's Drunken Angel, Kenji Mizoguchi's Women of the Night (1948), and Masaki Kobayashi's Black River (1957). READ

Book vs. Film


In this issue's installment, Brian Light traces the path of William McGivern's Odds Against Tomorrow to the big screen, overseen by the film's producer and star Harry Belafonte. READ

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