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It's easy to think of film noir as a genre that only existed on the big screen and only for a brief time at that. If we think of television and film noir, we think of late night or afternoon broadcast screenings of classics in the 60s and 70s and the emergence of AMC and TCM in later decades. However, as our current issue of NOIR CITY e-magazine proves, television started creating noir during the classic period and has continued to do so through today. The current issue features writing from Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Eddie Muller and Editor-at-Large Alan K. Rode as well as our stellar contributors Imogen Sara Smith, Vince Keenan, Sharon Knolle, Ben Terrall, and more. VIEW THE ISSUE'S TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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NOIR CITY Annual #8

Here's the print version you've been waiting for—the best of the best from 2015's NOIR CITY e-magazine contributors. Add this volume to your collection —essays, interviews, profiles, tributes, and reviews of classic and modern noir films by Ray Banks, David Corbett, Christa Faust, Vince Keenan, Jake Hinkson, Terrill Lee Lankford, Kim Morgan, Imogen Sara Smith, and others, including Murder She Made/The Exceptional Career of Joan Harrison from editor-in-chief Eddie Muller. Book layout and design by Michael Kronenberg, of course. And, when you purchase the NOIR CITY Annual 8, you'll be helping fund the FNF's restoration efforts. → Now available for purchase on

Articles from the previous issue

Our samples below are designed to drop you into a seething cauldron of pulp fury ... enjoy!

The Vagabond

Jake Hinkson delves into the life and work of Martin M. Goldsmith, social activist and Poverty Row screenwriter, most widely known for adapting his own novel into the screenplay of Edgar G. Ulmer's noir masterpiece Detour (1945). READ.

Repeat Performance

Brian Light charts the journey of (and changes to) William O'Farrell's 1942 novel Repeat Performance, a tale of murder, adultery and esoteric time travel, to the big screen under the eventual direction of Alfred Werker. READ.



Monica Nolan plumbs the depths of the "Femme Fatality" on display in E.A. Dupont's Varieté, a proto-noir from Weimar Germany set in a seedy carnival, co-starring Emil Jannings and Lya de Putti. READ.

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